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Aaron Philip Clark, "Under Color of Law" (2021)

Aaron Philip Clark, "Blue Like Me," (2022)

Abby Collette, "A Killer Sundae"

Ace Atkins, "Don't Let the Devil Ride"

Adam Mitzner, "Love, Betrayal, Murder"

Adam Sternbergh, "The Eden Test"

AH Kim, "A Good Family"

AJ Landau, "Leave No Trace"

Alan Drew, "The Recruit"

Alex Finlay, "Every Last Fear"

Alex Finlay "What Have We Done"

Alex Segura, "Both Sides"

Alice Feeney, "Daisy Darker," (2022)

Alice Feeney, "Rock Paper Scissors," (2021)

Alice Henderson, "A Solitude of Wolverines,"  (2020)

Alice Henderson, "A Blizzard of Polar Bears," (2021)

Alisa Lynn Valdez, "Hollow Beasts"

Allie Reynolds, "Shiver"

Allison Brennan, "Tell No Lies"(2021)

Allison Brennan, "The Sorority Murder," (2022)

Allison Brennan, "The Wrong Victim," (2022)

Allison Buccola, "Catch Her When She Falls"

Alma Katsu, "Red Widow"

Alma Katsu, "Red London"

Amanda Jayatissa, "My Sweet Girl"

Amanda Jayatissa, "You're Invited"

Amina Akhtar, "Almost Surely Dead"

Amita Murray, "The Tiramisu of Death"

Amy B. Scher, "How to Heal Yourself"

Amy Impellizzeri,"In Her Defense" 

Amy Impellizzeri, "Barr None"

Amy Suiter Clark, "Lay Your Body Down"

Andrew Child, "Better Off Dead"

Andrew Child, "No Plan B,"

Andrew Mayne, "Black Coral"

Andrea Bartz, "We Were Never Here,"(2022)

Andrea Bartz, "The Spare Room," (2023)

Anna Pitoniak, "The Helsinki Affair"

Anne Perry, "Three Debts Paid"

Anthony Horowitz, "The Moonflower Murders"

Anthony Horowitz, "A Line to Kill" (2021)

Anthony Horowitz, "Twist of a Knife" (2022)

Anthony McCarten, "Going Zero"

A.R. Torre "Every Last Secret,"(2020)

A.R. Torre, "The Good Lie," (2022)

A.R. Torre, "A Fatal Affair," (2023)

Archer Mayor, "Marked Man"

Ashley Winstead, "Midnight is the Darkest Hour"

Ausma Zehanat Khan, "A Deadly Divide"

Ausma Zehanat Khan, "Blackwater Falls" 

Ava Glass, "Alias Emma"

Avery Bishop, "Girl Gone Mad"

B.A. Paris, "The Therapist"

B.A. Shapiro, "Metropolis"

Ben McPherson, "Love and Other Lies"

Brandon Webb, "Steel Fear"

Brandon Webb, "Blind Fear"(2023)

Brenna Ehrlich, "Killing Time"

Brian Klingborg, "The Magistrate"

Caite Dolan Leach, "Dark Circles"

Camilla Lackberg, "Silver Tears"

Camilla Trinchieri, "Murder on the Vine"

Carola Lovering, "Too Good to be True"

Caz Frear, "Five Bad Deeds"

Chandler Baker, "The Husbands," (2021)

Chandler Baker, "Cutting Teeth," (2023)

Cheryl Head, "Time's Undoing"

Christin Brecher, "Photo Finished"

Christina McDonald, "Do No Harm"

CJ Tudor, "The Drift"

Clea Simon, "Hold Me Down"

Cynthia Pelayo, "Both Sides"

Cynthia Pelayo, "The Shoemaker's Magician"

Dan Fesperman, "Winter Work"

Daniel Pyne, "Water Memory"

Daniel Sweren-Becker, "Kill Show"

Danielle Girard, "Up Close"

Danielle Marshall, "Until We Are Lost"

Danielle Trussoni, "The Puzzle Master"

Darby Kane, "The Last Invitation" (2022)

Darby Kane, "The Engagement Party" (2023)

David Bell, "The Finalists"

David Bell, "Kill All Your Darlings,"

David Bushman, "Murder at Teal's Pond"

David Corbett, "Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday"

Deborah Goodrich Royce, "Reef Road"

Deborah J. Ledford, "Redemption,"

Debra Jo Immergut, "You Again"

Dean Koontz, "Elsewhere"

Dervla McTiernan, "The Murder Rule"

De'Shawn Charles Winslow, "Decent People"

Don Bentley, "The Forgotten War"

Dr. Judy Melinek and TJ Mitchell, "Aftershock"

E.A. Aymar, "No Home for Killers"

E.A. Aymar, "When She Left"

Edwin Hill, "Watch Her" (2021)

Edwin Hill, "The Secrets We Share" (2022)

Edwin Hill, "Who to Believe" (2024)

EG Scott, "In Case of Emergency"

Eithne Shortall, "Three Little Truths"

Elise Hart-Kipness, "Lights Out"

Eliza J. Brazier, "Good Rich People"

Elle Grawl, "One of Those Faces,"

Elle Marr, "Lies We Bury" (2021)

Elle Marr, "Strangers We Know" (2022)

Ellen McGarrahan, "Two Truths and a Lie"

Ellen Meister, "The Rooftop Party"

Elly Griffiths, "Bleeding Heart Yard,"

Emilie Richards, "The Houseguests"

Emily Gray Tedrowe, "The Talented Miss Farwell"

Emma Bamford, "Deep Water"

Erica Ferencik, "Girl in Ice"

Erin E Adams, "Jackal"

Faye Snowden, "A Killing Rain" (preview)

Faye Snowden, "A Killing Rain" (launch event)

Fiona Barton, "Local Gone Missing"

Gabriel Valjan, "The Devil's Music"

Gabrielle St. George, "How to Murder a Marriage"

Gambino Iglesias, "Both Sides"

Gary Braver, "Choose Me"

Gigi Pandian, "Under Lock & Skeleton Key"

Gilly Macmillan, "The Long Weekend"

Glen Erik Hamilton, "A Dangerous Breed"

Greer Hendricks, "The Golden Couple"

Hallie Ephron, "Careful What You Wish For"

Hank Phillippi Ryan, "The First to Lie"

Hank Phillippi Ryan, "The House Guest" 

Hannah Mary McKinnon "The Good Sister" (2020)

Hannah Mary McKinnon "You Will Remember Me" 

Hannah Mary McKinnon "Never Coming Home" ('22)

Hannah Mary McKinnon, "The Revenge List,"('23)

Hannah Morrissey, "The Widowmaker"

Harini Nagendra, "The Bangalore Detectives Club"

Harold Schechter, "Maniac"

Hayley Krischer, "These Falling Girls"

Hayley Scrivenor, "Dirt Creek"

Heather Gudenkauf, "This is How I Lied"(2020)

Heather Gudenkauf, "The Overnight Guest" (2022)

Heather Young, "The Distant Dead"

Helen Cooper, "The Downstairs Neighbor"

Dr. Ian K. Smith, "The Unspoken" (2020)

Dr. Ian K. Smith, "Wolf Point" (2021)

Iris Yamashita, "City Under One Roof" (2023)

Iris Yamashita, "Village in the Dark" (2024)

Isabella Maldonado, "A Different Dawn" (2021)

Isabella Maldonado, "The Falcon" (2022)

Isabella Maldonado, "A Killer's Game (2023)

J. Reuben Appelman, "While Idaho Slept"

Jacquelyn Mitchard, "The Good Son"

Jaime Lynn Hendricks, "It Could Be Anyone"

Jaime Lynn Hendricks, "I Didn't Do It"

James Byrne, "Dead Lock"

James Queally, "All These Ashes"

Jane Harper, "The Survivors"

Jane Harper, "The Exiles"

Jane Healey, "The Secret Stealers"

Jane Pek, "The Verifiers"

Janelle Brown, "I'll Be You"

Janice Hallett, "The Twyford Code"

Janice Hallett, "The Christmas Appeal" (2023)

Janice Hallett, "The Alperton Angels"(2024)

Jason Pinter, "Hideaway," (2020)

Jason Pinter, "Stranger at the Door," (2021)

Jean Hanff Korelitz, "The Undoing"

Jean Kwok, "The Leftover Woman"

Jeffery Deaver ,"The Goodbye Man"

Jeffery Deaver, Hush, (2020)

Jeffery Deaver, "Hunting Time," (2022)

Jennifer McMahon, "The Drowning Kind"

Jennifer McMahon, "The Children on the Hill"

Jennifer McMahon, "My Darling Girl"

Jesse Q. Sutanto, "Mrs. Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers"

Jessica Hamilton, "Don't You Dare"

Joanna Margaret, "The Bequest"

Joey Hartstone, "The Local"

Joe Pompeo, "Ink and Blood"

John David Mann, "Steel Fear"

John David Mann, "Blind Fear" (2023)

John Searles, "Her Last Affair"

John Vercher, "Three Fifths"

Jon Lindstrom, "Hollywood Hustle"

Jon Marc Smith, "Make Them Cry"

Jonathan Kellerman, "City of the Dead"

Jonathan Kellerman, "Unnatural History"

Jonathan Kellerman, "The Ghost Orchid"

Joshilyn Jackson, "Mother May I"

Joshua Bellin, "Myriad"

JT Ellison, "Her Dark Secret"

JT Ellison, "It's One of Us"

Juan Gomez-Jurado, "The Red Queen"

Julia Dahl, "The Missing Hours"

Julie Clark, "The Last Flight"

Kaira Rouda, "The Next Wife" (2021)

Kaira Rouda, "Somebody's Home" (2022)

Kaira Rouda, "The Widow" (2022)

Kaira Rouda, "Beneath the Surface," (2023)

Kara Thomas, "Out of the Ashes"

Karen Dionne, "The Wicked Sister"

Karen Odden, "Down a Dark River"

Karen Winn, "Our Little World"

Karin Slaughter, "False Witness" (2021)

Karin Slaughter, "Girl Forgotten" (2022)

Kate Moretti, "The Girls of Brackenhill" (2020)

Kate Moretti, "The Spires" (2021)

Kate White, "The Fiancee," (2021)

Kate White, "The Second Husband" (2022)

Katherine St. John, "The Lion's Den"

Kathryn Casey, "The Blessed Bones"

Kathryn Croft, "The Lie"

Katie Sise, "The Break"

Katie Tallo, "Red August"

Kellye Garrett, "Like a Sister"

Kemper Donovan, "The Busybody"

Kendra Elliot, "Echo Road"

Kimberly Belle, "Stranger in the Lake" (2020)

Kimberly Belle, "My Darling Husband" (2022)

Kimberly Belle, "The Personal Assistant" (2023)

Kim  Giarratano, "Death of a Dancing Queen"  

Kimi Cunningham-Grant, "These Silent Woods"

Kris Calvin, "All that Fall"

Kristin Bair,"Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everyone"

Lana Wood, "Little Sister: My Investigation into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood."

Lara Bazelon, "The Good Mother"

Lara Elena Donnelly, "Base Notes"

Lars Kepler, "The Mirror Man"

Laura Lippman, "Dream Girl"

Laura Lippman, "Prom Mom" (2023)

Leah Konen, "All the Broken People"

Leah Konen, "You Should Have Told Me"

Leanne Kale Sparks, "Every Missing Girl"

Lee Child, "Better Off Dead" (2021)

Lee Child, "No Plan B," (2022)

Lee Child, "The Present" (2023)

Lee Goldberg, "Bone Canyon," (2020)

Lee Goldberg, "Gated Prey," (2021)

Lee Goldberg, "Movieland" (2022)

Lee Goldberg, "Malibu Burning," (2023)

Lemony Snicket, "Poison for Breakfast"

Lev AC Rosen, "The Bell in the Fog"

Lexie Elliot, "Bright and  Deadly Things"

Lindsay Cameron, "No One Needs to Know"

Lindsey Rogers Cook, "How to Bury Your Brother"

Lisa Lutz, "The Accomplice"

Lisa Scottoline, "What Happened to the Bennetts"

Lisa Unger, Confessions on the 7:45 (2020)

Lisa Unger, "House of Crows" (2021)

Lisa Unger, "Last Girl Ghosted (2021)

Lisa Unger, "Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six" (2022)

Lisa Unger, "Best American Mystery and Suspense"

Liv Constantine, "The Senator's Wife"

Lorenzo Carcaterra, "Nonna Maria"

Loreth Ann White, "The Deep"

Louisa Luna, "Hideout"

Louise Hare, "Miss Aldridge Regrets"

L.R. Dorn, "Anatomy of Desire"

L.R. Dorn, "With a Kiss We Die"

Luanne Rice, "The Shadow Box"

Lucy Foley, "The Paris Apartment"

Luke Dumas, "The Paleontologist"

Lyn Liao Butler, "Someone Else's Life" (2023)

Lyn Liao Butler, "What is Mine" (2024)

Lynne Reeves, "The Dangers of an Ordinary Night"

Lynne Reeves, "Dark Rivers to Cross" (2022)

Lynne Truss, "Murder by Milk Bottle"

Mara Vorhees and Gerry Easter, "The Tsarina's Lost Treasure"

Marie Rutkoski, "Real Easy"

Mary Kubica, "Local Woman Missing"

Mary Kubica, "Just the Nicest Couple"

Marybeth Mayhew, "This Secret Thing"

Matthew Fitzsimmons, "Constance"

Maureen Johnson, "Box in the Woods"

Maureen Johnson, "Nine Liars"

Max Seeck, "The Last Grudge"

May Cobb, "Summer Darlings," (2022)

May Cobb, "A Likeable Woman," (2023)

May Cobb, "The Hollywood Assitant," (2024)

Megan Abbott, "You Again"

Megan Collins "Behind the Red Door" (2020)

Megan Collins, "The Family Plot" (2021)

Megan Goldin, "Stay Awake"

Micah Nemerever, "The Violent Delights"

Michael Elias, "You Can Go Home Now"

Michael Ledwidge, "Run for Cover"

Michael Sims, "Gentleman Thief"

Mikita Brottman, "Couple Found Slain"

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, "Fierce Little Thing"

M.J. Rose, "The Last Tiara"

Nadine Matheson, "The Jigsaw Man" (2021)

Nadine Matheson, "The Binding Room," (2022)

Nekesa Afia, "Harlem Sunset,"

Nev March, "Murder in Old Bombay"

Nicholas Meyer, "Return of the Pharoah"

Nick Medina, "Sisters of the Lost Nation"

Nikki May, "Wahala"

Nina de Gramont, "The Christie Affair"

Oline Cogdill, "Summer 2022 Book Picks"

Oline Cogdill, "Fall 2022 Book Picks"

Oline Cogdill, "Spring 2023 Book Picks"

Ousmane Power Green, "The True Confessions of Matthew Strong"

Patricia Cornwell, "Spin"

Patricia Shanae Smith, "Remember"

Patrick O'Donnell, "Honor and Valor"

Paul Vidich, "The Mercenary"

Peng Shepard, "The Cartographers"

Peter Malone Elliott, "Blue Ridge"

Peter Spiegelman, "A Secret About a Secret"

Phoebe Morgan, "The Wild Girls"

Pip Drysdale, "The Sunday Girl"

Piper Huguley, "By Her Own Design"

Puja Guha, "Sirens of Memory"

Rachel Koller Croft, "Stone Cold Fox"

Rachel Howzell Hall, "These Toxic Things"(2021)

Rachel Howzell Hall, "We Lie Here"(2022)

Rachel McGuire, "On the Surface"

Rea Frey, "Secrets of Our House"

Rebecca Hanover, "The Last Applicant"

Rebecca Keller, "You Should Have Known"

Rebecca Kelley, "No One Knows Us Here"

Rebecca Starford, "An Unlikely Spy,"

Ren DeStefano, "How I'll Kill You"

Rio Youers, "No Second Chances"

Robert Bailey, "Rich Blood," (2022)

Robert Bailey, "Rich Waters," (2023)

Robert Dugoni, "The Last Agent"

Robert Dugoni, "Her Deadly Game"

Robin Wasserman, "Mother Daughter Widow Wife"

Robyn Gigl, "Nothing But the Truth,"

Robyn Harding, "The Drowning Woman"

Rose Carlyle, "The Girl in the Mirror"

Ruth Ware, "One by One"

S.A. Cosby, "Razorblade Tears"

S.A. Cosby, "All the Sinners Bleed"

Sagit Schwartz, "Since She's Been Gone"

Sally Hepworth, "The Good Sister"(2021)

Sally Hepworth, "The Younger Wife," (2022)

Sally Hepworth, "The Soulmate," (2023)

Samantha Bailey, "Watch Out for You"

Samantha Downing, "For Your Own Good," (2021)

Samantha Downing, "A Twisted Love Story," (2023)

Samantha Norman, "Death and the Maiden"

Sandie Jones, "The Guilt Trip"

Sara DiVello, "Broadway Butterfly," *Hosted by Special Guest Interviewer Danielle Trussoni*

Sarah Pekkanen, "The Golden Couple"

Sarah Pinborough, "Insomnia"

Sarah Stewart Taylor, "The Mountains Wild"

Sarah Stewart Taylor, "A Stolen Child"

Sarah Weinman, "Scoundrel"

S.A. Lelchuk, "One Got Away"

Shanora Williams, "The Wife Before"

Shanora Williams, "The Other Mistress"

Shari Lepena, "Everyone Here is Lying,"

Simon Toyne, "The Clearing"

S.G. Wong, "In the Dark, We Forget"

Smith Henderson, "Make Them Cry"

Sophie Hannah, "The Killings at Kingfisher Hill"

Steph Cha, "Best American Mystery and Suspense"

Tabrizia Jones, Founder of Dueling Detectives

Tammy Euliano, "Fatal Intent"

Tamron Hall, "As the Wicked Watch"

Tatiana De Rosnay

Taylor Adams, "Hairpin Bridge"

Taylor Adams, "Hairpin Bridge"

Taylor Moore, "Down Range"

Tess Gerritsen, "Choose Me," (2021)

Tess Gerritsen, "Listen to Me," (2022)

Tess Gerritsen, "The Spy Coast" (2023)

Tessa Wegert, "The Kind to Kill" (2022)

Tessa Wegert, "Devils at the Door" (2023)

Thea Sutton, "The Women of Blackmouth Street"

Tori Eldridge, "The Ninja Betrayed"

Tori Eldridge, "Dance Among the Flames"

Tracy Clark, "Runner"

Tracy Clark, "Runner" (encore event)

Tracy Clark, "Hide" (2023)

Tracy Clark, "Fall" (2024)

Vanessa Lillie, "For the Best"

Vera Kurian, "Never Saw Me Coming" (2021)

Very Kurian, "A Step Past Darkness," (2024)

Veronica Henry, "The Foreign Exchange"

Victoria Helen Stone, "At the Quiet Edge"

Victoria Zackheim, "Private Investigations"

V.M. Burns, "Bookclubbed to Death"

Walter Mosley, "Every Man a King"

Wanda Morris, "All Her Little Secrets"

Wanda Morris, "Anywhere You Run,"

William Kent Krueger, "Fox Creek"

Walter Mosley, "Blood Grove"

Wayne Johnson, "The Red Canoe"

Wendy Walker, "Don't Look for Me," (2020)

Wendy Walker, "What Remains," (2023)

Wendy Webb, "The Haunting of Brynne Wilder"

Winnie M. Li, "Complicit"

Yasmin Angoe, "Her Name is Knight," (2021)

Yasmin Angoe, "She Comes at Knight," (2022)

Yasmin Angoe, "It Ends with Knight" (2023)

Zac Bissonnette, "A Killing in Costumes"

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