Who, What, Why, When, & How to participate!

Welcome, mystery and thriller fans! In the spring of 2020, creator and on-air host Sara DiVello founded a mystery author interview series to shine a spotlight on her favorite genre and writers during the pandemic.

A year and a half--and over 100 interviews later--Sara partnered with Murder by the Book, a dedicated mystery-bookstore, and one of the most respected independent bookstores in the U.S.

Every Monday, Sara hosts high-energy, high-octane, highly fun interviews with her hand-picked featured authors. The authors give you the scoop on their brand-new books and take your questions live. Check out the red-hot upcoming events here!

Sara also created the Mystery and Thriller Mavens Facebook Group--a place where readers can continue the conversation, enter giveaways, request authors, submit questions in advance, and chat all things mysteries! Free and open to all.


Join here:  Mystery and Thriller Mavens Facebook Group (free!)