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Welcome, mystery and thriller fans! In the spring of 2020, creator and on-air host Sara DiVello founded a mystery author interview series to shine a spotlight on her favorite genre and writers during the pandemic.


Over three years and 400 interviews later, Sara now streams to six destinations across Facebook and Youtube, including her partner-in-crime Murder by the Book, a mystery-dedicated independent bookstore, and one of the most respected bookstores in the U.S., as well as Bitchy Bookworms, the largest and most dynamic Facebook Group for readers.

Every Monday, Sara hosts high-energy, high-octane, highly fun interviews with her hand-picked featured authors. The authors give you the scoop on their brand-new books and take your questions live. Check out the red-hot upcoming events here!


Sara also created the Mystery and Thriller Mavens Facebook Group -- a place where readers can continue the conversation, enter giveaways, request authors, submit questions in advance, and chat all things mysteries! Free and open to all. 


Join here:  Mystery and Thriller Mavens Facebook Group (free!)

Who, What, When, Where, and How to participate:

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